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Praise God every day!!! - Poetry about Heavenly God
Main page » Verses about God

Total entries in catalog: 26
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My hope,
My love.

My grace,
My face.

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Glorification of God | reads: 5103 | Author: Emilio | data: 07.08.2015 | comments (0)

I want to be with You.
I want to praise You

I want live with You.
I want to sing You.

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Glorification of God | reads: 4822 | Author: Emilio | data: 02.08.2015 | comments (0)

Jesus, I am your child,
Please forgive my sins,
You is my Shepherd
Please hear my prayers.

I want live with You,
Please save me.
I want to praise You,
Please bless me.

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Glorification of God | reads: 5954 | Author: Emilio | data: 30.03.2013 | comments (0)

God, You find me

In the big world.

God, You give me

Holy light.

God, You with me

Every day in my life.


God, You love me

Very strong love.

God, You blesse me

Every day of my life.

God, You live with me

In my soul, in my heart.

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Glorification of God | reads: 9722 | Author: Emilio | data: 23.12.2012 | comments (1)

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